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Maryland Operation Stolen Dreams

See this link to review the multiple people being indicted on mortgage fraud in Maryland alone!  It’s insane!

I’m very excited Attorney General Eric Holder is implementing this Task Force all over America.


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Maryland Operations Stolen Dreams

MARYLAND MORTGAGE FRAUD TASK FORCE Jonathan Biran, Coordinator (410) 209-4920; e-mail:

In February 2009, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland established the Maryland Mortgage Fraud Task Force. Through the Task Force, local, State, and federal regulatory and investigative agencies will coordinate mortgage fraud enforcement actions, identify cases for criminal investigation, and work to secure resources to prosecute perpetrators. The Task Force will develop more efficient procedures for mortgage fraud referrals; ways to avoid duplication of effort among agencies in open cases; and a training program for State and federal prosecutors and investigators. For victims of mortgage fraud and related crimes, the Task Force also is to pursue measures to secure restitution, including asset forfeiture.

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